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The Very Best Roof Guarantee in PA

The best roof installation, tear-off and roof repair services in the Monroe County, PA/Poconos area with over 60 years experience


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John Asch Guarantee Includes:

  • Best roofing guarantee in Poconos, PA 100% Guarantee which is NOT pro-rated
  • 20 Year guarantee on labor & material
  • Transferrable to new owners (adds value to assist in sale of your home)

Most contractors offer a limited period of time on their workmanship and separately, forward a warranty from the manufacturer to the homeowner. Do not be fooled by a manufacturer's shingle warranty. Read the fine print, a warranty is not a guarantee. The problem with this is that if the homeowner should call the roofer with a leak within the guaranteed period, the roofer can always say it's a material defect and it is not covered by the Roofers Labor only guarantee.

What John Asch Contracting does differently is offer a 20 year guarantee on both the labor and the material. This is a 100% guarantee, not a warranty. Our guarantee is transferable to new owners, and our guarantee is NOT pro-rated. Guarantees can be complicated and need to be discussed in person.

Please call us today so I can explain to you how this guarantee is head and shoulders above the competition.

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